Human Crafted Consulting is the service side of Human Crafted, a consumer product design studio. We use our method of fast learning and developing better products to help you do the same. Whether you need help starting, or just a boost... let’s talk.


We formed Human Crafted on the notion that an idea doesn’t have value until you make something from it. The sooner you act, the more you will learn and the less risk and expense you will accumulate over time.

We’re made for speed.

We’re small, but we like it that way.
Small mass means we can pivot with you instead of forcing your needs into a mold.
We can act like a startup, because we are one. We can help you act small too.
Our eyes are focused on small wins, not big hype.

We work in short 1 to 2 week sprints, keeping the investment and risk low, but maximizing value in return.
We’re integrated into a local makerspace where we produce prototype and short run product and
packaging designs.
We craft functioning digital experiences with accessible arduino-based electronics and prototype
hybrid mobile apps. 


Learning fast is our method, but building better products is our goal. We try to understand people and how they live their lives. And we build toward solutions that bring value and joy by measuring real life response. 

We’re focused on better.

persons problem

We love listening to real people and seeing their lives with our own eyes.
We use the who, what, where, when, and why to craft the stories that drive our vision.

solutions value

Our short design sprints make sure we are never far away from learning from a real customer.
We don’t do renderings and mockups, we just build things that real people can use.
We never fall in love with our first concept. We get our joy from seeing an early customer fall in love.

In addition to speed and empathy, we built our skillset around balance because we think the sweet spot of product development is at the intersection of design, business, and engineering.

This is our full stack.

customer research
and development


story building

digital animation

success mapping
goal planning
business model canvas design


3D CAD design
complex surfacing
engineering analysis
fast website prototypes
html, css, angularJS
arduino IDE
bluetooth BLE integration
functional app prototypes
Ionic hybrid mobile app framework

3D printing
CNC woodworking
laser cutting
paper and vinyl die cutting

2D drawings
manufacturing support
domestic and asian manufacturing relationships

packaging design
marketing collateral
eCommerce integration
photo shoots
photo and video editing

If you would like help acting smaller, reaching new customers, learning faster, and developing better products... lets talk.