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Delivering dynamic strategy, rapid experimentation, and products that sell.


Our Creative Engineering process is guided by two forces:

1. A build/measure/learn engine that cycles rapidly

2. An outward-leaning inertia, gaining understanding and value with each cycle

Instead of a beginning or end to our process, we just ask for an input and output. As such, no project is too small or too big for us to add value.

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Early cycles need to revolve rapidly and have maximum learning so you can make informed decisions. The tools we use are quick to use and low investment. We’re ready to pivot, move, and flow as you need.


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Keeping cycle revolutions up, deeper into projects, requires more speed. We build momentum by drawing on years of diverse experience, trusted partners, and cutting through unnecessary roadblocks. Staying light and lean is our super power.


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Later project stages call for both speed and precision. Years of experience transitioning products into manufacturing, including overseas, and time spent on both sides of the consultant/corporate aisle mean we have what you need.


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Human Crafted was founded in 2016 by Jon Alling, engineer and product designer. Jon has worked as a manager, professional and consultant for a range of inventors, small startups and global market-leading corporations for nearly 20 years. He has been named as inventor on 11 patents, has traveled to China and Taiwan extensively supporting design and manufacturing, and has been certified as a Six Sigma Green Belt. When time allows he mentors new entrepreneurs through the Merlin Mentor Group.

Jon founded Human Crafted to practice what he preached. Human Crafted’s product line and partnerships are a proving ground for lean principals in design and business, and provide a space for experimentation and learning. He enjoys helping small businesses to act big, and big businesses with acting small.

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* No project or problem is too small, Jon is available for short, remote or in-person consultations. Schedule as little as 30min at a time.